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You have given me a confidence that I can wear clothes, and that there is style out there for me''.


I really enjoyed our shopping trip. You were so easy to talk to and immediately made me feel comfortable.  Your professionalism, knowledge and honesty are a credit to you. You clearly have a passion for fashion. I learned so much yesterday about shopping, my body shape and do's and donts of what to wear. I wore one of the outfits yesterday to my nieces’ birthday party. One comment was have I lost weight? You have given me a confidence that I can wear clothes, and that there is style out there for me. I cannot thank you enough. 


Claire, Offaly




''I felt very relaxed and safe in your hands''.


Just to say Thank you for today. You've inspired me to make more of an effort, more feminine, and as Marlyn Monroe comes to mind😂😂 as you so kindly told me I have a figure like.👍🏻👍🏻You  have given me the confidence and the skills to work with my figure rather than it seeing it as hard work, I'll now embrace it. 

So Thank you Agnes, you have a natural flair, a great eye and I felt very relaxed and safe in your hands.


Ashley, Co. Dublin 




''You have taken a decade off me''


Just wanted to day thank you for all your help yesterday. Tried on everything again, you've taken a decade off me! Am now most thrilled with my skinny jeans. I love them. I hope we can meet again in Jan to do some dress shopping. I will be in touch. Thanks again.


Aine, Co. Galway




 ''I had high expectations going in to the day and you totally met and surpassed those expectations''.


I just wanted to say thank you so much for the brilliant shopping experience with you the other day.  As I said, I had high expectations going in to the day and you totally met and surpassed those expectations. It's great now knowing what suits me and what mistakes I was making. It was also a great confidence boost realising I do actually know what suits me and so helpful to know where to shop for clothes that fit a smaller figure. I can't believe that I've been buying a size too big all this time! I honestly feel like a different person since then and I'm still on a bit of a high on how well the clothes I bought suit me.


I really appreciated the general advice you had on hair and appearance and it's so good to find someone with your level of knowledge and experience, on how to wear certain clothes, what colours suit me etc.  I've already received lots of compliments on my new coat!  On a subtle level, I realise that things I thought were major issues with my hair/body were actually all in my head and it's no exaggeration to say a weight has been lifted because now I have different attitude to myself:-)  I will definitely be in touch again in the new year to repeat the experience.



Liz, Dublin




''’It was great to have the discussions about what clothes suit and why. It was a lesson in shopping also and being clear about what exactly you need''


I am really happy with and enjoyed my session with Agnes. In fact, the benefit started when I made the appointment – the client questionnaire was really great to get me thinking about what clothes I had and what I wanted. In the lead up to the appointment I did a big review and clear out of clothes never worn or not quite right. It was a great motivation to be focused and ruthless.

The shopping morning itself was great. Agnes helped me focus on what I needed to compliment the clothes I had and stopped me getting distracted by clothes that I already had enough of. She had a plan of what shops to visit. For someone for whom shopping had become a time consuming, often fruitless trudge around town, the morning was joy. It would have taken me days and days to do what I did in a few hours with Agnes.

Agnes whizzed around to collect things she had already marked out for me. What a pleasure to have clothes handed to you to fit on. It was great to have the discussions about what clothes suit and why. It was a lesson in shopping also and being clear about what exactly you need. What I also liked about Agnes was that while she gave great suggestions she doesn’t railroad you into a particular style like some scary TV stylists – she works with and improves on what you are comfortable with. I got some key things in the morning with Agnes that set me up to do some extra, effective and time efficient, shopping on my own. With her help I have also been able to break from my dependence on black.

The morning was also enjoyable because Agnes is lovely and good company. I would love to be able to afford to have her with me a couple of times a year.

Agnes is basically a clothes fairy godmother.


Frances, Cork




''I will definitely be calling on you again.''


I really enjoyed both days with you - going through my wardrobe and then shopping to fill it the next day. I definitely bought things I would have never chosen by myself and I feel comfortable wearing them too. People have noticed! I feel relieved that black has now been replaces by navy and blues and softer tones that suit me much better. I feel a lot better about myself and found you very easy to work with. I will definitely be calling on you again.


Anne, Dublin




''’I found the day invaluable and I was really happy with all your tips and ideas.'' 


Just a note to say thank you so much for all your help, patience and advice yesterday. I found the day invaluable and I was really happy with all your tips and ideas. My husband was also delighted with every single item you chose for me and he thought the dress was absolutely super. I'm at work today in one of my 'new' outfits and I feel so much better in myself, and, I absolutely love the shoes, so comfy and smart, thank you. Next thing on the list is the new glasses! I will most definitely be using your services again and I'm very happy to recommend your excellent service, your warmth and also attention to detail to my friends and family.


Kathy, Dublin




'’One thing that stood out for me was that she was honest, if something did not look right on you she would tell you''.

When I first meet Agnes she made me feel at ease. We discussed what it was that my wardrobe was missing and she really listened,
After our consultation we set off on our shop. What I liked  most about Agnes was that she picked key pieces and made sure that anything else I bought would mix and match. So I ended up with a lot of outfits and a fraction of what I would usually spend if I were to go shopping myself. I was delighted with
all my purchases. I still came home with money in my purse. (which is always a bonus) :) I am looking forward to my next session with Agnes and I will be booking her again. She is so professional but at the same time you feel like you have known her for years. One thing that stood out for me was that she was honest, if something did not look right on you she would tell you. She is such a lovely person and you feel like you are
shopping with a friend. Can't wait for my next shop, it can't come soon enough:) I would highly recommend her. Thanks Agnes:)

Siobhan (Galway)



''Within a couple of hours I had what I needed without fuss and getting frustrated as I would usually do.''

I initially booked the wardrobe weeding and style consultation with Agnes but after a very busy wardrobe analysis we decided going shopping and I think it was an excellent idea.

The wardrobe weeding was great. Agnes puts you at ease straightaway so it feels like you're going through your wardrobe with your sister or a friend but it's much nicer, I have to admit :) . We discussed every single item in my wardrobe- does it suit me, if it doesn't, why, what I can wear it with etc. I have to say it was a very practical style consultation but also very tiring. I didn't realise discussing clothes can be so exhausting! 

A few days later we met in Dublin and it was the best clothes shopping I have done in years. Within a couple of hours I had what I needed without fuss and getting frustrated as I would usually do. It was the second stage of style consultation for me as Agnes also discussed every single item I tried on so I learned quite a lot from it, too.

I have to say it was a very good and enjoyable experience, I managed to get a few items which actually suit me and I feel good in them, Agnes made me think about clothes again and EVEN my husband noticed the change and this is not an easy task :)!  So Agnes you did a good job. Thanks a lot.' 

Gabi, Co. Louth



''She is fantastic at picking out pieces that look luxuriously expensive but only cost high street prices'' ...

Working with Agnes was an absolute pleasure and her recommendations were fantastic. We spent a day doing a wardrobe analysis and a day shopping and I love the looks that she put together for me. Agnes has a lovely manner and is able to critique in the nicest possible way! Agnes put a lot of thought into the questionnaire that she had me fill in to make sure that she knew exactly what I wanted to get out of the sessions and also made sure that she ticked off everything on my list. She is fantastic at picking out pieces that look luxuriously expensive but only cost high street prices. The style guide that Agnes emailed me afterwards is full of brilliant suggestions and also includes looks based on the items in my closet. I’ve been using her advice and tips every time I go shopping.

Sarah, Dublin 


''The whole experience was very pleasant and definitely worthwhile ....''

Earlier this year I contacted Agnes because I wanted to put together a new wardrobe for work and needed to accessorise an outfit for a wedding.  My wardrobe analysis session had barely begun when Agnes pointed out that my “wedding outfit” had a flaw in it and said that “we could do better”. And she was right. The next week we went shopping and within the first 90 minutes I had the complete wedding outfit - dress, jacket to be followed soon by shoes and accessories. Before the day was out I also had a number of items for work and leisure including a number of dresses which attracted the compliments Agnes said they would. The wedding outfit was also perfect.   The whole experience was very pleasant and definitely worthwhile and I hope to have another shopping expedition with Agnes again soon.      

Teresa from Dublin!


''’I would highly recommend a shopping trip or a consultation with Agnes.  I hope to do the same again possibly in a few years time.  It is well worth it.''

What a fantastic experience it was spending a day shopping with Agnes.  She quickly put me at ease as we discussed my client questionnaire and the types of clothes I needed.  We shopped continuously only breaking for a quick lunch.  I purchased jeans, a jacket, beautiful tops and shoes.  Not only did I purchase clothes I could mix and match to make up four complete outfits, but I also learned a lot from Agnes i.e. where and how to shop for clothes that suit my body shape. Agnes gave me the confidence to try clothes that previously I would never have considered without making me feel uncomfortable.  I now look on clothes differently than I did before and know immediately what clothes will suit me.  She also emailed on a style guide reminding me of the different styles that would work for me.
I would highly recommend a shopping trip or a consultation with Agnes.  I hope to do the same again possibly in a few years time.  It is well worth it.


Liz, Cork



 ''Agnes is such a super-hero, going above and beyond the call of duty!''


Looking into my wardrobe every morning and trying to put together a work outfit was becoming an overwhelming chore. I had lots of clothes, probably too many to be honest, but yet hardly anything I owned matched. I love crazy, colourful clothes, but boring black and grey were my office clothes go to colours.  If I'm honest, I am a bit of a giant woolly cardigan collector! Don't even get me started on the Granny shoes, haha! I've never been much of a girly-girl, but my grunger-ish look was doing nothing for me. I'm quite skinny, but always hiding under layers. It had gotten to the stage where my casual clothes were falling to bits and I was wearing my 'work' clothes on the weekends and even going out. I was feeling totally fed up with shopping, always buying clothes that I didn't really like and never really knowing what suited me.

I was going to be getting married, and I felt I needed a more sophisticated look, so I had a look online. Finding Agnes was one of the best things that
ever happened to me! She gave me confidence that I never knew I had.Together we tackled my wardrobe...and it was a really fun day! She told mewhich clothes suited me, how to wear them, what to wear them with, what to throw away and which colours to choose (and avoid...and I thought black/grey went with everything?!). After that, we went shopping, and she had such a good idea of the types of clothes that I might like. She had looked through every shop in advance, and had lots of things ready to recommend. I'm quite picky about my 'quirky' style, and I was amazed that she had so many recommendations that I really liked! We bought some lovely bits and pieces on the day without spending a fortune and I finally had the knowledge about what to wear with what - after that making outfits was easy. At long last, I was able to ditch my 'Granny' shoes and giant bobbly cardigans! :) I really like shopping now! She's made it so easy to know where to shop and what to look for. She even made me a personalised style guide, which is very handy. I'm proud to say that my casual clothes and my work clothes are now very distinct, I even have party clothes...and I've now got at least one pair of fancy heels.

Agnes is such a super-hero, going above and beyond the call of duty! When I had a wedding dress disaster 3 weeks before the big day (nightmare!), she
was there to offer her support and guidance...she even met me in town to help me try on dresses and to advise on the styles of wedding dresses that
suited me most, some of which I never would have looked at before.Miraculously, I did manage to get a new wedding dress in time for my big day, and I was far happier with it then the previous one! It was absolutely gorgeous and I felt like a proper bride. Without her help, I could have been walking down that aisle in a potato sack! Needless to say, my husband was wowed by the dress and he really loves my new updated style. As well as that, I'm forever getting compliments from friends, family and work colleagues about how well I look these days (I can't believe it!). I feel like a new person.

Fiona, Dublin



''’...I spent less on that shopping trip than I would normally spend - and got much better stuff.''

I chose a half day’s personal styling and wardrobe clear-out followed a week later by a half day’s shopping trip with Agnes.  I must say it was worth every penny. 

Before Agnes came to my home, I was very nervous, but her friendly personality and obvious flair and love for her job soon put me at my ease.  I also discovered to my surprise that I did not have to throw out everything I had – with a few changes here and there, some of my “frumpy” outfits were transformed into stylish ones!  (Though I admit that some others did have to go!!)

I had always hated clothes shopping. I found it so stressful because I never knew what to buy and regularly made very expensive mistakes. But after a few hours going through my wardrobe with Agnes, I understood what kinds of outfits suit me and why even very expensive clothes can look “frumpy” if they are the wrong shape, colour or size.  

When we went on the shopping trip, Agnes chose dresses, tops and jackets for me that I would never have chosen myself – and they looked great!  We went to shops that I would not normally shop in and found clothes that were really nice. Even more surprising, I spent less on that shopping trip than I would normally spend - and got much better stuff. 

Last weekend I went shopping for the first time since shopping with Agnes and I really enjoyed myself.  I knew where to shop, what to look for and what to avoid, so I wasted less time and money, and there was no stress.  As I said, worth every penny! 

I would heartily recommend the experience to any woman who wants to look well but hates shopping – you will be pleasantly surprised.

Barbara, Dublin



''I found Agnes one of the best and most professional stylists I have used to date...''

I met Agnes about 2 weeks ago for the first time, on first impressions she looks stylish, friendly and professional.  She started with my current wardrobe and sorted out clothes for the bin and clothes to keep.  I loved the friendly cool manner in which she dealt with me and my wardrobe issues.  I explained to her that I hated shopping and never knew what suited me.  She reassured me that shopping with her would be enjoyable and productive.  I met her 2 days later for shopping, this I was not looking forward to.  She had done all her homework and had been in the shops before me and had started to pick out some cool dresses for me to wear over the coming months.  I went into the changing room and came out 1 hour later with almost all the items I needed.  For the first time I actually enjoyed the experience.  Agnes does not just tell you what suits, she educates you so that you can see what colours and styles are best.  She has a wonderful knowledge and a very keen professional eye.  We spent a further 2 ½ hours getting the rest of my summer wardrobe, which I adore. I loved the time with Agnes.  She then completed my time with her by matching everything we had bought with the old items in my wardrobe.  I now have a complete summer wardrobe for every occasion and cannot wait to meet her again in September to do exactly the same thing.  I also feel quite happy buying a few new pieces over the summer if needed based on the style guide she put together for me.

I found Agnes one of the best and most professional stylists I have used to date.  I hugged her and said “see you in September”.

Margaret, Dublin



''...this was the best money I’ve spent since I started earning money''.

''The meeting was a life changing experience! I used to dislike shopping for clothes, shoes and accessories spending money on something I wasn’t entirely happy about, but not any more. Her friendly personality created a ‘feeling safe’ atmosphere. Agnes has an ability to make you feel good with who you are.
I learnt what to buy and what not to buy and why. Agnes gave me a great knowledge on buying clothes for any occasion, on shoes and which colours to choose and which accessories to match. She also sent me a personal style guide and wardrobe essentials. I discovered my new image, the way I always wanted to feel – fabulous about the way I look. As a yoga teacher, I have a good knowledge on spiritual, mental and emotional level. Now, thanks to Agnes, I reached for physical level with a great success. I am very happy with what Agnes thought me and this was the best money I’ve spent since I started earning money''.

Iwona, Dublin


''Everyone thinks I have lost weight since I started wearing my new wardrobe''.

I want to thank you very very much for a wonderful day shopping. None of my friends could believe that I was in shops for five hours. Never before in my
life. When I met you I was very nervous....You were so cheerful, helpful, positive, energetic that I felt calm all the time. Usually I feel weak in dressing rooms because of the warm air and changing etc. Your help in running out to get the different sizes was absolutely wonderful and made it all easy for me.
Everyone thinks I have lost weight since I started wearing my new wardrobe. I absolutely love everything we bought and I am walking around with more
confidence and feel much better about myself. I can look at clothes now and have an idea what suits me. I am now looking for places to go with my new outfits. I think you have a perfect balance in your approach. You are very professional in your work but you manage to combine this with a lovely friendliness and warmth which makes for a successful day out.


Sheila, Dublin


''My biggest fear going into this was that I'd be pushed into a generic current trend........''

''In my mid-thirties and stuck in a t-shirt and jeans style rut so while I don't think I was scaring people walking down the street I really needed to update my look. I went with the wardrobe analysis and shopping day. Agnes was a pleasure to work with, honest without being offensive, and the wardrobe analysis was a great start. My biggest fear going into this was that I'd be pushed into a generic current trend but Agnes had really done her research based on the questionnaire I'd filled out and we had time to chat and review some of her ideas for me over a cuppa before tacking my vast wardrobe. We got rid of everything that didn't fit or wasn't me and I was left with some decent pieces that Agnes worked her creative, styling magic on and re-invented into a whole new look.

The challenge of a small budget didn't phase Agnes at all on the shopping day and we managed to fill the gaps in my existing wardrobe as well as spot a few key pieces for me to think about come next pay day. I'm sure most of us have had to tighten the purse strings lately and while a re-style may seem like an extravagance I see it as a long-term investment and a lesson in how to shop smart.

It was a great experience - I learned loads and gained a lot of confidence in my own sense of style and ability to put an outfit together. I now have a smaller wardrobe but one that's full of clothes that I enjoy wearing, that look good and truly reflect my individuality. The two most memorable things I learnt were 1. if it doesn't fit walk away and 2. if you don't love it don't buy it.''

Deirdre, Dublin



''....... Thank you Agnes for two days of great fun;)''

''I had a two day revamp with Agnes and found the experience very easy going and especially so much fun. I learned so much about my shape and how to make the most of it and stay on trend. I now feel a lot more confident to wear colours and shapes which I would not have even tried on before. This has opened up my imagination so I can now mix and match cleverly with clothes I already have in my wardrobe.
Thank you Agnes for two days of great fun ;)''

Fiona, Co Limerick


 ''......No more doubts about how I should dress!''

''An absolutely fantastic 4 hour session with Agnes. Agnes is direct and honest and full of great advice. I certainly feel more confident now that I have learnt what to pick and how to choose clothes, colours and accessories for my body shape and how to put them all together. No more doubts about how I should dress! I’m really looking forward to my shopping experiences now I know what I’m doing!''


Niamh, Co. Meath




''.........Agnes really inspired me by pointing me in the right direction''

''My Mum and I received the gift of a ‘Style Consultation’ with Agnes. Everything was arranged via e-mail which suited us as we are from Kerry. We filled in a questionnaire which allowed Agnes to plan our shopping experience.
Agnes went shopping with each of us separately. The time flew by as she suggested particular styles to suit me. She even told me what type of shoes to wear! It was great. Since then, anytime I go shopping, I feel as if she is in my ear telling me to try this on or telling me why this doesn’t suit me.
I am a curvy petite (5 ft) so I can find shopping disheartening because petite ranges are limited at best. I find trying to vary my wardrobe is difficult because the petite range tends to suit an older woman better. Agnes provided me with new and alternative ideas.
The notes, following our meeting, are fantastic and Agnes even provided website addresses (which I am currently hooked on- my poor credit card!).
For a person who was disillusioned with clothes in general, Agnes really inspired me by pointing me in the right direction.
I would recommend this experience to anyone. Thanks Agnes.''


Denise, Primary School Teacher


''Her advice was invaluable to me and I now shop ‘outside of the box’'

''Shopping is not one of my favourite pastimes – I could never find any clothes that suited me or fitted me. Agnes solved all that for me, she got me to try on things I would never have dreamt about – and they fitted me! I found Agnes to be very knowledgeable of her job and she has a great eye for what suits. Her advice was invaluable to me and I now shop ‘outside of the box’. If you are in the same position I was – then I suggest you give Agnes a call – you won't regret it''.


Sheila, Co.Cork




''I think the shopping trip with Agnes was the most empowering experience''

This time last year I was a good size 16 and absolutely hated clothes shopping. In order to get the fit right I found I was buying less on the high street and more in boutiques and the clothes made me look years older. They didn’t reflect me as a person - they just covered me. Over the autumn & winter I lost weight and I’m now a size 10 (yes it can be done!!), but now clothes shopping became even more terrifying.

Now everything fitted me and I went from having a very narrow choice range to an almost infinite range. Where would I start? I was used to dressing in a particular way and now I had no confidence in my ability to make the right choices. I’m 37, married, 2 kids, work full time and needed a wardrobe for the office, being a mum and smart casual.

Enter Agnes.
Agnes went through my wardrobe and showed me what suited, what didn’t and what could be altered. More importantly she explained WHY, for example just because the trousers / jeans closed on the waist doesn’t mean they fit. Being 5ft 2.5in with broad shoulders I need to be sure that the trousers don’t make me look blocky or short and Agnes showed me what to look for. Agnes introduced more colour into my wardrobe and created a new corporate look for me that is very tailored but very feminine.
I think the shopping trip with Agnes was the most empowering experience. I now know what to look for within trends that reflect me as a person. We shopped in my local shopping centre so I know that I can recreate the experience on my own. The follow up notes to the consultation mean that I always have a reference point and can revisit them to keep myself from reverting to old habits or worst becoming a fashion victim. I am taking more risks with colour while the wardrobe checklist ensures that I will always have something appropriate sitting in my wardrobe, no matter what the occasion.

I now enjoy clothes shopping, reading fashion magazines, surfing the internet for fashion websites and I find myself watching other people on the street or in shops to get inspiration. Clothes now reflect who I am, not what size I am. Even if I hadn’t lost the weight, having spent the day with Agnes I know that that statement would still be true. The questionnaire before we met meant that Agnes had a real sense of who I was and what I wanted & needed. This made our day together very focused and more enjoyable. The personalised detailed notes after the meeting tied everything together.

Elaine , Financial Planning Director   

''It turned out to be an amazing adventure''

I have always had very relax attitude towards fashion. I cared how I looked but my comfort was the most important. So always jeans, flat shoes and no jewellery… but for special occasions it has been always very important to me to look good! I met with Agnes to do some shopping with me for a wedding! It turned out to be an amazing adventure. Not only did I manage to buy a beautiful designer dress cheaply but also Agnes convinced me that high hills and some accessories wouldn’t do me bad from time to time…. Since then I have been using Agnes’s advice on regular basis. I have started paying more and more attention to the way I dress and believe me it paid off…got a few nice complements!


Kasia,  Dublin

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